Airlie Beach Holiday Packages

Getting to Know Airlie Beach

Airlie_BeachIf you’re planning a holiday to the Whitsundays anytime soon, then you will undoubtedly want to learn a little more about one of the most feature-filled tourist destinations in the region; Airlie Beach. This idyllic location is a central hub for visitors and residents alike and its accessible location makes it as easy to get to as it is enjoyable!

Visiting Airlie Beach Resort

Situated neatly on Whitsunday’s coastal line, the beach is one of the most popular resort towns in Queensland, Australia. Featuring a variety of facilities such as restaurants, cafés and eateries; not to mention a host of hotels, an active marina and a stylish harbour. The beach is every inch the exciting holiday hot spot that its reputation would suggest.

With a population of under 8000 people, the small town offers visitors an opportunity to relax and unwind in style, without sacrificing on the potential to explore all that Queensland has to offer. The beach itself acts as an ideal platform for venturing out into the nearby regions, being located just a short distance from the Great Barrier Reef, the famous Abell Point Marina, as well as the Shute Harbour (a hotspot for fishermen and fans of the ocean).

The entire region was discovered and documented in 1770 by world-renowned explorer James Cook – a man recognised for venturing out into the great unknown where he came across the aptly named Whitsunday Islands (dedicated to the Christian event Whit Sunday). Since then, the harbour has placed host to festivals, activities and celebrations in commemoration.

Things to do

Whether you’re hoping to book a stay at one of the world-class hotels in the region or if you’re simply backpacking through the area (a popular activity for tourists and holiday makers) – you’ll love the laid back lifestyle and friendly atmosphere. The marina makes it easy to travel along the coastline and the harbour boasts a variety of boat rental services for those hoping to travel directly to the adventure.

Unlike other water sources in and around Australia, Airlie boasts one of the only self-chlorinated water supplies around, making it ideal for fresh water fish like sting rays and box jellyfish. As unlikely as it is that visitors will want to swim alongside these potentially dangerous creatures, that doesn’t rule out the potential to enjoy a spot of dinner within any of the coastal eateries dotted around the region.

There are even secluded swimming areas for those hoping to bask in the sunlight whilst swimming in safety, but for those hoping to take to the waves; you’ll be happy to hear that the lagoon boasts no less than 4,300m² of water (or almost 5 million litres). It’s not just the incredible expanse of ocean that seemingly goes on for miles; there are a multitude of activities to enjoy in and around the beach, too.

There’s no better way to explore all that this exhilarating region has to offer than by visiting it! Booking a stay at a hotel or resort has never been easier and once you arrive, you’ll be introduced to some one of the most appealing lifestyles on the planet – from early morning adventures all the way to enjoying the exciting nightlife that Airlie Beach has to offer.